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BD63621MUV Datasheet(Scheda tecnica) 18 Page - Rohm

Numero della parte BD63621MUV
Dettagli  Stepping Motor Driver
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BD63621MUV Datasheet(HTML) 18 Page - Rohm

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© 2017 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.
21.Dec.2020 Rev.002
Power dissipation
confirm that the IC’s chip temperature Tj is not over 150°C, while considering the IC’s power consumption (W),
Thermal Resistance(°C/W) and ambient temperature (Ta). When Tj=150°C is exceeded the functions as a semiconductor do
not operate and problems such as parasitism and leaks occur. Constant use under these circumstances leads to deterioration
and eventually destruction of the IC. Tjmax=150°C must be strictly obeyed under all circumstances.
Thermal Calculation
The IC’s consumed power can be estimated roughly with the power supply voltage (VCC), circuit current (ICC), output ON
resistance (RONH,RONL) and motor output current value (IOUT).
The calculation method during FULL STEP drive, SLOW DECAY mode is shown here:
Consumed power of the Vcc [W] = VCC [V]・ICC [A] ・・・・・・・①
Consumed power of the output DMOS [W] = (RONH[
Ω] + RONL[Ω])・IOUT [A]2・2[ch]・on_duty
During output ON
+ (2・RONL[
Ω])・IOUT [A]2・2[ch]・(1 - on_duty) ・・・・・・・②
During current decay
However, on duty: PWM on duty = ton / (tchop)
ton varies depending on the L and R values of the motor coil and the current set value. Please confirm by actual
measurement, or make an approximate calculation.
tchop is the chopping period, which depends on the external CR. See P.8 for details.
IC number
Upper PchDMOS ON Resistance
Ω] (Typ)
Lower NchDMOS ON Resistance
Ω] (Typ)
Consumed power of total IC W_total [W] = ① + ②
Junction temperature Tj = Ta[°C] +
θja[°C/W]・W_total [W]
However, the thermal resistance value
θja °C/W differs greatly depending on circuit board conditions. Refer to the
thermal resistance on P.10. Also, we are taking measurements of thermal resistance value
θja of boards actually in use.
Please feel free to contact our salesman. The calculated values above are only theoretical. For actual thermal design,
please perform sufficient thermal evaluation for the application board used, and create the thermal design with enough
margin to not exceed Tjmax=150°C.Although unnecessary with normal use, if the IC is to be used under especially
strict heat conditions, please consider externally attaching a Schottky diode between the motor output terminal and
GND to abate heat from the IC.
○Temperature Monitoring
In respect of BD63621MUV, there is a way to directly measure the approximate chip temperature by using the TEST or
MODEx terminal with a protection diode for prevention from electrostatic discharge. However, temperature monitor using this
TEST terminal is only for evaluation and experimenting, and must not be used in actual usage conditions.
(1) Measure the terminal voltage when a current of Idiode=50µA flows from the TEST or MODEx terminal to the GND, without
supplying VCC to the IC. This measurement is of the Vf voltage inside the diode.
(2) Measure the temperature characteristics of this terminal voltage. (Vf has a linear negative temperature factor against
the temperature.) With the results of these temperature characteristics, chip temperature may be calibrated from the
TEST terminal voltage.
(3) Supply VCC, confirm the TEST terminal voltage while running the motor, and the chip temperature can be
approximated from the results of (2).
Figure 9. Model diagram for measuring chip temperature
Chip temperature Tj[°C]
Monitor terminal
Internal circuit

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