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GRM21BR11C394MA01 Datasheet(Scheda tecnica) 28 Page - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Numero della parte GRM21BR11C394MA01
Dettagli  Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor for General
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Produttore  MURATA1 [Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd]

GRM21BR11C394MA01 Datasheet(HTML) 28 Page - Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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5.Flow Soldering
Set temperature and time to ensure that leaching of the
terminations does not exceed 25% of the chip end
area as a single chip (full length of the edge A-B-C-D
shown at right) and 25% of the length A-B shown as
mounted on substrate.
6.Reflow soldering
The halogen system substance and organic acid are included in solder paste, and a chip corrodes
  by this kind of solder paste.
Do not use strong acid flux.
Do not use water-soluble flux.*
(*Water-soluble flux can be defined as non-rosin type flux including wash-type flux and non-wash-type flux.)
1. Please evaluate the capacitor using actual cleaning equipment and conditions to confirm the quality,
and select the solvent for cleaning.
2. Unsuitable cleaning solvent may leave residual flux or other foreign substances, causing deterioration of
electrical characteristics and the reliability of the capacitors.
3. Select the proper cleaning conditions.
3-1. Improper cleaning conditions (excessive or insufficient) may result in the deterioration of the performance
of the capacitors.
1. A crack may be caused in the capacitor due to the stress of the thermal contraction of the resin during curing process.
The stress is affected by the amount of resin and curing contraction. Select a resin with low curing contraction.
The difference in the thermal expansion coefficient between a coating resin or a molding resin and the capacitor
may cause the destruction and deterioration of the capacitor such as a crack or peeling, and lead to the deterioration
of insulation resistance or dielectric breakdown.
Select a resin for which the thermal expansion coefficient is as close to that of the capacitor as possible.
A silicone resin can be used as an under-coating to buffer against the stress.
2. Select a resin that is less hygroscopic.
Using hygroscopic resins under high humidity conditions may cause the deterioration of the insulation resistance
of a capacitor. An epoxy resin can be used as a less hygroscopic resin.
3.The halogen system substance and organic acid are included in coating material, and a chip corrodes
  by the kind of Coating material. Do not use strong acid type.
[As a Single Chip]
[As Mounted on Substrate]

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