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GD25B16C Datasheet(Scheda tecnica) 24 Page - GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc.

Numero della parte GD25B16C
Dettagli  3.3V Uniform Sector Dual and Quad Serial Flash
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Produttore  GIGADEVICE [GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc.]

 24 page
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3.3V Uniform Sector
Dual and Quad Serial Flash
Page Program (PP) (02H)
The Page Program (PP) command is for programming the memory. A Write Enable (WREN) command must
previously have been executed to set the Write Enable Latch (WEL) bit before sending the Page Program command.
The Page Program (PP) command is entered by driving CS# Low, followed by the command code, three address
bytes and at least one data byte on SI. If the 8 least significant address bits (A7-A0) are not all zero, all transmitted data
that goes beyond the end of the current page are programmed from the start address of the same page (from the address
whose 8 least significant bits (A7-A0) are all zero). CS# must be driven low for the entire duration of the sequence. The
Page Program command sequence: CS# goes low  sending Page Program command  3-byte address on SI  at least
1 byte data on SI  CS# goes high. The command sequence is shown in Figure16. If more than 256 bytes are sent to the
device, previously latched data are discarded and the last 256 data bytes are guaranteed to be programmed correctly within
the same page. If less than 256 data bytes are sent to device, they are correctly programmed at the requested addresses
without having any effects on the other bytes of the same page. CS# must be driven high after the eighth bit of the last data
byte has been latched in; otherwise the Page Program (PP) command is not executed.
As soon as CS# is driven high, the self-timed Page Program cycle (whose duration is tPP) is initiated. While the Page
Program cycle is in progress, the Status Register may be read to check the value of the Write in Progress (WIP) bit. The
Write in Progress (WIP) bit is 1 during the self-timed Page Program cycle, and is 0 when it is completed. At some unspecified
time before the cycle is completed, the Write Enable Latch (WEL) bit is reset.
A Page Program (PP) command applied to a page which is protected by the Block Protect (BP4, BP3, BP2, BP1, and
BP0) is not executed.

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